Judging Process

Peer-to-Peer Review

Once you’ve registered and submitted your application, making sure it’s complete and valid, you’ll be requested to participate in the Peer-to-Peer Review process. In order to qualify for the Breakthrough Junior Challenge (the “Challenge”), you must review and score at least five (5) videos submitted by other contestants. After that, you may also be asked to review and score additional videos as well.

Evaluation Panel Review

The Evaluation Panel is composed of top-class scholars and science leaders from across the world. This Evaluation Panel will review the seventy-five (75) top-scoring videos from the Peer-to-Peer Review process. Each of these videos will receive at least an additional five (5) reviews from members of the Evaluation Panel.

Popular Vote

The Breakthrough Junior Challenge invites the world to participate in its judging process, via the Popular Vote. The top scoring video in the Popular Vote will bypass the Selection Committee phase of judging and go straight to the final round – where the winner is selected! To learn more, visit the Popular Vote page.

Selection Committee Review

Lastly, a Selection Committee will review and score the top group of Finalists as determined by the Evaluation Panel and select up to five entries for final consideration. The winner(s) of the Popular Vote Challenge will be added to this group for the final review and selection of the Challenge prize winner.