Ryan Chester wins the Breakthrough Junior Challenge with “The Special Theory of Relativity”

Congratulations to Ryan Chester, the winner of the Breakthrough Junior Challenge!

“I never would have expected that I would be standing here,” Ryan Chester said in his acceptance speech. “It means so much to me that winning this prize not only helps me out, but also everyone back at my high school.”

Ryan submitted a video titled “The Special Theory of Relativity” that advanced through a review by his peers, an expert evaluation panel, and a selection committee of Breakthrough Prize Laureates to win the challenge.

Ryan was presented the award at the Breakthrough Prize award ceremony on November 8, 2015. His teacher, Richard Nestoff, made a surprise appearance to accept the Teacher innovation award in person, and was thanked with a standing ovation from the audience.

Crediting those responsible for his opportunity to win the award, Ryan humorously added, “Entering this challenge was rewarding in itself, but this trophy is going to look pretty awesome in my dorm room next year!”

Watch Ryan's full acceptance speech here.

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